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    Casa de discuri: Epic Soundtrax / Legacy / Vinyl Films – 88985315511
    Format: Vinyl, LP, CD, Compilation, Reissue, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Card Sleeve
    Ediţie: 19 May 2017
    Gen muzical: Rock, Stage & Screen, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Grunge, Indie Rock, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 3

    A1 Alice In Chains– Would?
    A2 Pearl Jam– Breath
    A3 Chris Cornell– Seasons
    B1 Paul Westerberg– Dyslexic Heart
    B2 The Lovemongers– The Battle Of Evermore
    B3 Mother Love Bone– Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns
    C1 Soundgarden– Birth Ritual
    C2 Pearl Jam– State Of Love And Trust
    C3 Mudhoney– Overblown
    C4 Paul Westerberg– Waiting For Somebody
    D1 Jimi Hendrix– May This Be Love
    D2 Screaming Trees– Nearly Lost You
    D3 Smashing Pumpkins*– Drown
    CD1 Citizen Dick– Touch Me, I’m Dick 3:00
    CD2 Chris Cornell– Nowhere But You 5:10
    CD3 Chris Cornell– Spoon Man 3:35
    CD4 Chris Cornell– Flutter Girl 6:23
    CD5 Chris Cornell– Missing 5:33
    CD6 Alice In Chains– Would? (Live) 3:58
    CD7 Alice In Chains– It Ain’t Like That (Live) 4:44
    CD8 Soundgarden– Birth Ritual (Live) 5:27
    CD9 Paul Westerberg– Dyslexic Heart (Acoustic) 3:42
    CD10 Paul Westerberg– Waiting For Somebody (Score Acoustic) 1:40
    CD11 Mudhoney– Overblown (Demo) 2:56
    CD12 Truly– Heart And Lungs 4:20
    CD13 Blood Circus– Six Foot Under 3:51
    CD14 Mike McCready– Singles Blues 1 1:54
    CD15 Paul Westerberg– Blue Heart 3:27
    CD16 Paul Westerberg– Lost In Emily’s Woods 1:44
    CD17 Chris Cornell– Ferry Boat #3 4:59
    CD18 Chris Cornell– Score Piece #4 2:05



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    Various – Singles – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition Vinyl)

    129,99 lei
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    Casa de discuri: A&M Records – 602567359531 / Universal Music
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue, 180 Gram
    Ediţie: 2018, Europe
    Gen muzical: Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock
    Nr. de discuri: 2
    A1 – Nothing To Say
    A2 – Flower
    A3 – Loud Love
    A4 – Hands All Over
    B1 – Get On The Snake
    B2 – Jesus Christ Pose
    B3 – Outshined
    B4 – Rusty Cage
    C1 – Spoonman
    C2 – The Day I Try To Live
    C3 – Black Hole Sun
    C4 – Fell On Black Days
    D1 – Pretty Noose
    D2 – Burden In My Hand
    D3 – Blow Up The Outside World
    D4 – Ty Cobb
    D5 – Bleed Together

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    Soundgarden – A-Sides (Vinyl)

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