Spock's Beard


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    Casa de discuri:‎ Inside Out Music – 19075847011v/ Sony Music
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, CD, Album, Mispress, CD, EP, All Media, Stereo
    Editie: 25 May 2018, Germany
    Gen muzical: Rock, Prog Rock
    Nr. de discuri: 2 Vinyl & 2CD

    Noise Floor
    A1 – To Breath Another Day
    A2 – What Becomes Of Me
    A3 – Somebody’s Home
    B1 – Have We All Gone Crazy Yet
    B2 – So This Is Life
    B3 – One So Wise
    C1 – Box Of Spiders
    C2 – Beginnings
    Cutting Room Floor
    D1 – Days We’ll Remember
    D2 – Bulletproof
    D3 – Vault
    D4 – Armageddon Nervous



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    Spock’s Beard ‎– Noise Floor (Vinyl)

    129,99 lei
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