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    Casa de discuri: UMC – 00602508156502
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Ediţie: 15 Nov 2019
    Gen muzical: Rock, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 3

    A1 – Tommy (144)– ‘It’s Not A Good Idea…’
    A2 – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds*– Red Right Hand
    A3 – The White Stripes– St. James Infirmary Blues
    A4 – Martin Phipps– (S1 Score) Truce
    A5 – Tommy (144)– ‘…This Is The Day We Become Respectable’
    A6 – Dan Auerbach– The Prowl
    A7 – Polly (25)– ‘There’s Only One Thing…’
    A8 – Jack White (2)– Love Is Blindness
    A9 – PJ Harvey– To Bring You My Love
    B1 – Alfie (21)– ‘I’ve Heard Very Bad, Bad, Bad Things About You…’
    B2 – Black Rebel Motorcycle*– River Styx
    B3 – Paul Hartnoll– (S2 Score) Post Irish Meeting
    B4 – PJ Harvey– Red Right Hand
    B5 – Laura Marling– What He Wrote
    B6 – Arthur (67)– ‘By Order Of The Peaky Blinders’
    B7 – Royal Blood (6)– Come On Over
    B8 – Arctic Monkeys– Do I Wanna Know?
    C1 – Tommy (144)– ‘I Promise, I’ll Make Us Safe’
    C2 – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds– Breathless
    C3 – Radiohead– You And Whose Army?
    C4 – Polly (25)– ‘A Woman Of Substance And Class’
    C5 – PJ Harvey– This Is Love
    C6 – Dickon Hinchliffe– (S3 Score) Sons
    C7 – Tommy (144)– ‘You Can Change…’
    C8 – Queens Of The Stone Age– Burn The Witch
    C9 – The Last Shadow Puppets– Bad Habits
    C10 – David Bowie– Lazarus
    D1 – Tommy (144)– ‘Sex, Freedom, Whiskey Sours…’
    D2 – Savages (2)– Adore
    D3 – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds– The Mercy Seat (Live From KCRW)
    D4 – Rachel Unthank & The Winterset– I Wish
    D5 – Antony Genn & Martin Slattery– (S4 Score) Ballad Of Polly Gray
    D6 – Tommy (144)– ‘I’m Not A Traitor To My Class…’
    D7 – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes– Devil Inside Me
    E1 – Foals– Snake Oil
    E2 – Polly (25)– ‘It’s In Our Gypsy Blood…’
    E3 – Radiohead– Pyramid Song
    E4 – Laura Marling– A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
    E5 – Ada (27)– ‘So, Tommy Shelby, MP. Buiness As Usual’
    E6 – Black Sabbath– The Wizard
    E7 – Anna Calvi– Papi Pacify
    F1 – Joy Division– Atmosphere
    F2 – Tommy (144)– ‘You Need To Understand That…’
    F3 – Anna Calvi– (S5 Score) You’re Not God
    F4 – Arthur (67)– ‘There’s A Bentley Outside…’
    F5 – Jehnny Beth– I’m The Man
    F6 – Idles– Never Fight A Man With A Perm
    F7 – Tommy (144)– ‘I Will Continue Until I Find The Man I Can’t Defeat’
    F8 – Richard Hawley– Ballad Of A Thin Man

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    Various – Peaky Blinders (The Official Soundtrack) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Music On Vinyl – MOVLP235
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Pink Translucent 180g
    Ediţie: 26 Aug 2022
    Gen muzical: Jazz, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 1
    Opening Montage
    A1a Tom’s Piano Intro
    A1b Once Upon A Town
    A1c The Wages Of Love
    A2 Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream?
    A3 Picking Up After You
    A4 Old Boyfriends
    A5 Broken Bicycles
    B1 I Beg Your Pardon
    B2 Little Boy Blue
    Instrumental Montage
    B3a The Tango
    B3b Circus Girl
    B4 You Can’t Unring A Bell
    B5 This One’s From The Heart
    B6 Take Me Home
    B7 Presents

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    Tom Waits And Crystal Gayle – One From The Heart (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Of Francis Coppola’s Movie)

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    Casa de discuri: Legacy – 88985361451A / Sony Music
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Ediţie: 01 Oct 2021
    Gen muzical: Rock, Non-Music, Pop, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A1 Cowboy Timmy– Mr. Hanky The Christmas Poo 2:16
    A2 Mr. Garrison– Merry F**king Christmas 2:04
    A3 Eric Cartman– O Holy Night 1:58
    A4 Juan Schwartz, The South Park Children’s Choir– Dead, Dead, Dead 2:14
    A5 Mr. Mackey– Carol Of The Bells 0:58
    A6 Kyle Broflovski– The Lonely Jew On Christmas 2:47
    A7 Shelley Marsh– I Saw Three Ships 1:03
    A8 Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger– It Happened In Sun Valley 2:22
    A9 Adolf Hitler (2)– O Tannenbaum 1:12
    A10 Satan The Dark Prince– Christmas Time In Hell 2:15
    B1 Chef (4)– What The Hell Child Is This? 4:28
    B2 Mr. Hankey Poo– Santa Claus Is On His Way 0:29
    B3 Eric Cartman– Swiss Colony Beef Log 2:16
    B4 The South Park Children’s Choir– Hark The Herald Angels Sing 0:41
    B5 The Broflovskis, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh– Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel 3:21
    B6 Kenny McCormick, Mr. Hankey Poo– The Most Offensive Song Ever 3:00
    B7 Mr. Ose– We Three Kings 0:52
    B8 Mr. Hankey Poo, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman– Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 2:30


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    OST South Park – Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics(Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Vinyl Passion – VP 80086
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered
    Ediţie: 2016, Europe
    Gen muzical: Stage & Screen, Score, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A1 – Prelude
    A2 – The Adoration Of The Magi
    A3 – Roman March
    A4 – Friendship
    A5 – Love Theme Of Ben-Hur
    A6 – The Burning Desert
    A7 – The Rowing Of The Galley Slaves
    B1 – Naval Battle
    B2 – Return To Judea
    B3 – Victory Parade
    B4 – The Mother’s Love
    B5 – The Leper’s Search For The Christ
    B6 – The Procession To Calvary
    B7 – The Miracle And Finale


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    Miklos Rozsa – Ben-Hur A Tale Of The Christ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Music On Vinyl – MOVLP1104
    Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Gatefold, 180 gram
    Ediţie: 14 Apr, 2014, Europe
    Gen muzical: Classical, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Contemporary
    Nr. de discuri: 2
    A1 – The Fascist (Theme) 2:02
    A2 – A Fistful Of Dollars (Theme) 1:46
    A3 – Bullets Don’t Argue (Theme) 2:32
    A4 – A Gun For Ringo (Theme) 2:17
    A5 – For A Few Dollars More (Theme) 2:46
    A6 – The Return Of Ringo (Main Title) 2:14
    A7 – The Battle Of Algiers (Theme) 1:39
    A8 – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Theme) 2:38
    A9 – The Ecstasy Of Gold 3:20
    A10 – Death Rides A Horse (Theme) 3:21
    A11 – The Big Gundown (Opening Song) 2:39
    B1 – Once Upon A Time In The West (Theme) 3:41
    B2 – The Man With The Harmonica 3:23
    B3 – Long Live The Revolution 4:17
    B4 – The Ballad Of Hank McCain 2:07
    B5 – The Sicilian Clan (Theme) 3:35
    B6 – Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion 3:25
    B7 – A Fistful Of Dynamite 4:15
    C1 – Come Maddalena 4:17
    C2 – Chi Mai 3:24
    C3 – My Name Is Nobody 3:08
    C4 – The Infernal Trio 4:09
    C5 – Romanzo 4:04
    C6 – Goodbye Palermo 3:43
    C7 – Don’t Play The Indian 3:14
    D1 – Il Vento, Il Grido 1:49
    D2 – Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man 2:13
    D3 – Deborah’s Theme 4:20
    D4 – Gabriel’s Oboe 2:11
    D5 – The Untouchables (End Title) 3:09
    D6 – The Strength Of The Righteous (Main Title) 2:24
    D7 – Cinema Paradiso (Theme) 2:25
    D8 – Love Theme 2:45
    D9 – Ancora Qui 5:08


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    Ennio Morricone – Ennio Morricone Collected (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Legacy – 190758535111 / Sony Music
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
    Ediţie: 31 Aug 2018, Europe
    Gen muzical: Pop, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Ballad, Vocal
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A1 – Late In The Eveningocals 4:02
    A2 – That’s Why God Made The Movies 3:38
    A3 – One-Trick Pony 3:54
    A4 – How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns 2:49
    A5 – Oh, Marion 4:00
    B1 – Ace In The Hole 5:43
    B2 – Nobody 3:33
    B3 – Jonah 3:30
    B4 – God Bless The Absentee 3:15
    B5 – Long, Long Day 3:48


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    Paul Simon – One Trick Pony

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    Casa de discuri: Milan – 19658733531-S1
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Translucent Orange & Red Marble
    Ediţie: 25 Nov 2022
    Gen muzical: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    A1 A Day in the Bebop
    A2 Kickin’ Colt
    A3 A Hole to the Universe
    A4 What Planet is This??
    A5 Twilight
    A6 Weekend Ana
    A7 Julia’s Song
    A8 The Adventures of Losers
    B1 Rouge
    B2 Sleuthing Two
    B3 Suit and Tie 1:10
    B4 Funky Stuff 1:28
    B5 Faye’s Sky Fall 1:27
    B6 Time 2:37
    B7 IKA Pod 3:38
    B8 Net Rush 3:26
    B9 Headphone 1:55
    B10 Ein 1:36
    B11 Waltz in High Socks 1:28
    B12 Beans Be 4:18
    C1 TANK! 3:19
    C2 Cat Attack Part 1 1:58
    C3 Dedicated to Sergio 5:50
    C4 Woodcock 2:43
    C5 Rooftop Kung-Fu 1:43
    C6 Milky Cheat
    C7 My Bean at 5
    C8 Blood Brothers
    D1 Sad End Fad
    D2 Muddy Road
    D3 Lord of the Empty
    D4 Sushi Truck
    D5 Into Noir
    D6 The End of Friendship
    D7 The Fate of Three
    D8 Earthland Entrance
    D9 El Rey Bar
    D10 Hello to ya Blues



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    The Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno – Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack From The Netflix Series) (Red/Orange Marbled Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Warner Bros. Records – 21257-0
    Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Maxi-Single, Reissue
    Ediţie: 22 Apr 2017
    Gen muzical: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A Batdance (The Batmix) 7:15
    B1 Batdance (Vicki Vale™ Mix) 5:55
    B2 200 Balloons 5:05

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    Prince – Batdance (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Masterworks – 19439893751
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gold
    Ediţie: 29 Apr 2022
    Gen muzical: Electronic, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    Cities & Songs
    A1 Main Menu
    A2 Glider
    A3 Better The Mask
    A4 The Ewer (Day)
    A5 The Ewer (Night)
    A6 Eccria (Day)
    A7 Eccria (Night)
    A8 Campfires
    Ruins, Forests & Insects
    B9 Exploration (Ships)
    B10 Exploration (Ruins)
    B11 Exploration (Nature)
    B12 Beetle’s Nest
    B13 Glow Worm Cave
    B14 Pyraustas Ruin
    C15 Badlands (Night)
    C16 Hakoa (Day)
    C17 Hakoa (Night)
    C18 Sansee (Day)
    C19 Sansee (Night)
    C20 Redsee (Day)
    C21 The Wash (Day)
    Themes & Cut Scenes
    D22 Chum Lair
    D23 Beetle Detour
    D24 Machinist’s Theme
    D25 Cartographer’s Theme
    D26 Mask Caster’s Theme
    D27 Mischievous Children
    D28 Ibexxi Camp (Day)
    D29 Ibexxi Camp (Night)
    D30 Burnt Oak Station (Day)
    D31 Burnt Oak Station (Night)
    D32 Abandoned Grounds

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    Japanese Breakfast – Sable (Original Soundtrack) (Gold Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Music On Vinyl – MOVATM144
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Orange Vinyl
    Ediţie: 20 Jan 2017
    Gen muzical: Electronic, Rock, Pop, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    A1 Santigold– Who I Thought You Were 3:49
    A2 The Struts (3)– Ballroom Blitz 4:13
    A3 Anderson .Paak Ft. ScHoolboy Q– Am I Wrong 4:17
    A4 Two Door Cinema Club– Bad Decision 4:58
    B1 A$AP Ferg*– Psycho 2:59
    B2 Aimee Mann– Save Me 4:33
    B3 Miike Snow– Genghis Khan 3:32
    B4 Cloves (2)– Don’t You Wait 3:59
    B5 Miles Betterman– The D*Head Song 3:28
    C1 The 1975– Somebody Else 5:47
    C2 Generationals*– When They Fight They Fight 3:22
    C3 Black Pistol Fire– Hard Luck 2:37
    C4 Phantogram– When I’m Small 4:09
    C5 Angus & Julia Stone– Big Jet Plane 3:59
    D1 The Cinematic Orchestra– To Build A Home 6:11
    D2 Handsome Poets– Sky On Fire (Eo17 Remix) 3:31
    D3 Birdy – Ghost In The Wind 4:33
    D4 Atli Örvarsson– Nadine’s Theme 3:43
    D5 Atli Örvarsson– The Hug 2:12


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    Various – The Edge Of Seventeen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Lakeshore Records – LSINV223LP
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Ediţie: 18 Oct 2019
    Gen muzical: Stage & Screen, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A1 Becoming
    A2 Shimmer
    A3 The Sandman
    A4 Waltz
    A5 Descending
    A6 Lieben
    B7 Ascending
    B8 Cadenza
    B9 The Moth
    B10 Traüme
    B11 Arpeggio Waltz
    B12 Change In C
    B13 The Sandman (Demo)
    B14 The Moth (Demo)


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    PJ Harvey – All About Eve (Original Music) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Walt Disney Records – 00050087502560
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Repress
    Ediţie: 27 May 2022
    Gen muzical: Electronic, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Electro House
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    A1 Daft Punk & The Glitch Mob– Derezzed (Remixed By The Glitch Mob) 4:22
    A2 Daft Punk & M83, Big Black Delta– Fall (Remixed By M83 Vs. Big Black Delta) 3:54
    A3 Daft Punk & The Crystal Method– The Grid (Remixed By The Crystal Method) 4:27
    A4 Daft Punk & Teddybears*– Adagio For TRON (Remixed By Teddybears) 5:34
    B1 Daft Punk & Ki:Theory– The Son Of Flynn (Remixed By Ki:Theory) 4:51
    B2 Daft Punk & Paul Oakenfold– C.L.U. (Remixed By Paul Oakenfold) 4:35
    B3 Daft Punk & Moby– The Son Of Flynn (Remixed By Moby) 6:32
    B4 Daft Punk & Boys Noize– End Of Line (Remixed By Boys Noize) 5:40
    C1 Daft Punk & Kaskade– Rinzler (Remixed By Kaskade) 6:52
    C2 Daft Punk & Com Truise– Encom Part 2 (Remixed By Com Truise) 4:52
    C3 Daft Punk & Photek– End Of Line (Remixed By Photek) 5:18
    D1 Daft Punk & The Japanese Popstars– Arena (Remixed By The Japanese Popstars) 6:07
    D2 Daft Punk & Avicii– Derezzed (Remixed By Avicii) 5:03
    D3 Daft Punk & Pretty Lights– Solar Sailer (Remixed By Pretty Lights) 4:32
    D4 Daft Punk & Sander Kleinenberg– TRON Legacy (End Titles) (Remixed By Sander Kleinenberg) 5:04


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    Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy Reconfigured (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Legacy – 19439802031
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Picture Disc, Reissue
    Ediţie: 16 Oct 2020
    Gen muzical: Rock, Pop, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 1
    A1 Survivor – Burning Heart
    A2 John Cafferty – Heart’s On Fire
    A3 Kenny Loggins And Gladys Knight – Double Or Nothing
    A4 Survivor– Eye Of The Tiger
    A5 Vince DiCola – War
    B1 James Brown – Living In America
    B2 Robert Tepper – No Easy Way Out
    B3 Go West – One Way Street
    B4 Touch – The Sweetest Victory
    B5 Vince DiCola – Training Montage


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    Various – Rocky IV (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Picture Disc Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Sony Music – 19075978832
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Ediţie: 8 Nov 2019
    Gen muzical: Pop, Stage & Screen, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 1
    1 Wham!– Last Christmas
    2 George Michael– Too Funky
    3 George Michael– Fantasy
    4 George Michael– Praying For Time
    5 George Michael– Faith
    6 George Michael– Waiting For That Day
    7 George Michael– Heal The Pain
    8 George Michael– One More Try
    9 George Michael– Fastlove, Pt. 1
    10 Wham!– Everything She Wants
    11 Wham!– Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
    12 George Michael– Move On
    13 George Michael– Freedom! ’90
    14 George Michael– Praying For Time (Live)
    15 George Michael– This Is How (We Want You To Get High)

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    George Michael & Wham! – Last Christmas (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)

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    Casa de discuri: Virgin EMI Records – V 3231
    Format: Vinyl, LP, 180 gram
    Ediţie: 23 Aug 2019
    Gen muzical: Rock, Pop, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri:2

    A1 Taron Egerton, Sebastian Rich– The Bitch Is Back (Introduction) 1:53
    A2 Kit Connor, Gemma Jones, Bryce Dallas Howard, Steven Mackintosh– I Want Love 2:13
    A3 Taron Egerton, Kit Connor– Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) 3:10
    A4 Taron Egerton– Thank You For The Loving 3:24
    A5 Taron Egerton– Border Song 3:25
    A6 Taron Egerton– Rock And Roll Madonna (Interlude) 2:42
    B1 Taron Egerton– Your Song 4:01
    B2 Taron Egerton– Amoreena 4:20
    B3 Taron Egerton– Crocodile Rock 2:53
    B4 Taron Egerton– Tiny Dancer 5:25
    B5 Taron Egerton– Take Me To The Pilot 3:43
    C1 Taron Egerton– Hercules 5:26
    C2 Taron Egerton, Rachel Muldoon– Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Interlude) 1:34
    C3 Taron Egerton, Richard Madden (2)– Honky Cat 2:34
    C4 Taron Egerton– Pinball Wizard (Interlude) 2:02
    C5 Taron Egerton– Rocket Man 4:31
    C6 Taron Egerton– Bennie And The Jets (Interlude) 2:28
    D1 Taron Egerton, Celinde Schoenmaker– Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me 2:40
    D2 Taron Egerton– Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 2:15
    D3 Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell– Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 4:05
    D4 Taron Egerton– I’m Still Standing 3:58
    D5 Elton John, Taron Egerton– (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again 4:11



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    Various – Rocketman (Music From The Motion Picture) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Mute / BMG – LRCSTUMM294
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered, Brown Translucent w/ Black Smoke [Whiskey]
    Ediţie: 19 Apr 2019
    Gen muzical: Stage & Screen, Score
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A1 – Rather Lovely Thing
    A2 – Moving On
    A3 – Song For Jesse
    A4 – Falling
    A5 – Cowgirl
    A6 – The Money Train
    A7 – What Must Be Done
    B1 – Another Rather Lovely Thing
    B2 – Carnival
    B3 – Last Ride Back To KC
    B4 – What Happens Next
    B5 – Destined For Great Things
    B6 – Counting The Stars
    B7 – Song For Bob


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    Nick Cave And Warren Ellis – The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (Music From The Motion Picture) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Parlophone – 0825646113699, Parlophone – DB69739
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
    Ediţie: 17 Jun 2016
    Gen muzical: Rock, Stage & Screen, Glam, Hard Rock, Art Rock, Soundtrack
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    Part 1
    A1 – Introduction
    A2 – Hang On To Yourself
    A3 – Ziggy Stardust
    A4 – Watch That Man
    A5 – Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
    A6 – All The Young Dudes
    A7 – Oh! You Pretty Things
    B1 – Moonage Daydream
    B2 – Changes
    B3 – Space Oddity
    B4 – My Death
    Part 2
    C1 – Intro
    C2 – Cracked Actor
    C3 – Time
    C4 – The Width Of A Circle
    D1 – Let’s Spend The Night Together
    D2 – Suffragette City
    D3 – White Light / White Heat
    D4 – Farewell Speech
    D5 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide


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    David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: The Song of the World – 3149020937327

    Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Ediţie: 1 Mar 2019
    Gen muzical: Jazz , Pop , Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    A1 – My man 3:13
    A2 – I’ve had it up to here 2:00
    A3 – Java 2:17
    A4 – On the sly 2:36
    A5 – Belotte 2:23
    A6 – Two Pennies of Violets 2:47
    A7 – There are ways 2:49
    B1 – If You Were A Rascal 2:32
    B2 – Why did you do this (to me), darling 3:08
    B3 – Woman is made for man 3:10
    B4 – La Villette 2:53
    B5 – Parisian heart 2:39
    B6 – Baba 2:53
    B7 – Ah! the nice game 2:37
    C1 – Death on Credit – Family Vacations 6:16
    C2 – Death on Credit – The Certificate of Education 7:47
    C3 – As Of Course 3:21
    D1 – Death on Credit – The Departure for England 16:11
    D2 – A Mouth of Atmosphere 1:25
    D3 – Come, come Madeleine 2:10



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    Arletty – Mon Homme (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Music On Vinyl – MOVATM061
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Reissue, 180 gram
    Ediţie: 3 Mar 2016
    Gen muzical: Rock, Pop, Stage & Screen
    Nr discuri: 2

    A1 -Elvis Presley– Hound Dog
    A2 – -Duane Eddy– Rebel Rouser
    A3 – Clarence “Frogman” Henry– (I Don’t Know Why) But I Do
    A4 – The Rooftop Singers– Walk Right In
    A5 – Wilson Pickett– Land Of 1000 Dances
    A6 – Joan Baez– Blowin’ In The Wind
    A7 – Creedence Clearwater Revival– Fortunate Son
    A8 – The Four Tops*– I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
    A9 – Aretha Franklin– Respect
    B1 – Bob Dylan– Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    B2 – The Beach Boys– Sloop John B
    B3 – The Mamas & The Papas– California Dreamin’
    B4 – Buffalo Springfield– For What It’s Worth
    B5 – Jackie DeShannon– What The World Needs Now Is Love
    B6 – The Doors– Break On Through (To The Other Side)
    B7 – Simon & Garfunkel– Mrs. Robinson
    B8 – Jefferson Airplane– Volunteers
    C1 – The Youngbloods– Let’s Get Together
    C2 – Scott McKenzie– San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)
    C3 – The Byrds– Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
    C4 – The Fifth Dimension– Medley: Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In
    C5 – Harry Nilsson– Everybody’s Talkin’
    C6 – Three Dog Night– Joy To The World
    C7 – The Supremes– Stoned Love
    C8 – B.J. Thomas– Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
    C9 – Randy Newman– Mr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)
    D1 – Lynyrd Skynyrd– Sweet Home Alabama
    D2 – The Doobie Brothers– It Keeps You Runnin’
    D3 – Gladys Knight & The Pips*– I’ve Got To Use My Imagination
    D4 – Willie Nelson– On The Road Again
    D5 – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Against The Wind
    D6 – Alan Silvestri– Forrest Gump Suite

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    Forrest Gump – The Soundtrack (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Sony Music – 19439926981
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Ediţie: 17 Dec 2021
    Gen muzical: Pop, Stage & Screen, Chanson, Cabaret
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    The Seven Deadly Sins
    A1 – Prolog 3:51
    A2 – Faulheit 3:57
    A3 – Stolz 4:50
    B1 – Zorn 4:53
    B2 – Völlerei 3:32
    B3 – Unzucht 5:22
    C1 – Habsucht 3:02
    C2 – Neid 4:32
    C3 – Epilog 1:30
    Kurt Weill Songs
    C4 – Alabama Song (from “The Rise And The Fall Of The City Of Mahagonny”) 2:54
    D1 – The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency (from “The Threepenny Opera”) 2:37
    D2 – Bilbao Song (from “Happy End”) 5:04
    D3 – Pirate Jenny (from “The Threepenny Opera”) 4:47



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