Green Translucent


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  • 129,99 lei

    Casa de discuri: Epic / Sony Music – 19658709351
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Green Translucent
    Ediţie: 15 Jul 2022
    Gen muzical: Latin, Pop
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    A1 – Famila
    A2 – Celia
    A3 – Psychofreak
    A4 – Bam Bam
    A5 – La Buena Vida
    A6 – Quiet
    B1 – Boys Don’t Cry
    B2 – Hasta Los Dientes
    B3 – No Doubt
    B4 – Don’t Go Yet
    B5 – Lola
    B6 – Everyone At This Party


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    Casa de discuri: Sony – 194398738314 / Sony Music
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Red Translucent, Green Translucent, Album, Limited Edition
    Ediţie: 12 Jun 2021, Europe
    Gen muzical: Rock, Blues, Indie Rock, Blues Rock, Garage Rock
    Nr. de discuri: 2
    A1 Country Girl
    A2 Nitty Gritty
    A3 Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar
    A4 When the Bomb Drops
    A5 Stone Ya To The Bone (Country Girl B-Side)
    B1 Gamblin’ Bar Room Blues (Sometimes I Feel So Lonely B-Side)
    B2 Country Blues # 1 / Will I Be Forgiven? (Some Velvet Morning B-Side)
    B3 Little Death
    B4 To Live Is To Fly (Country Girl B-Side)
    C1 Zeppelin Blues While Thinking Of Robert Parker (Dolls B-Side)
    C2 The 99th Floor
    C3 We’re Gonna Boogie
    C4 Gimme Some Truth (Country Girl B-Side)
    D1 Dolls (Sweet Rock ‘N’ Roll) (Version From Maximum Rock N Roll)
    D2 It’s Not Enough (Dolls B-Side)
    D3 Hell’s Comin’ Down
    D4 Sometimes I Feel So Lonely

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    Primal Scream – Riot City Blues Sessions (Vinyl)

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