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  • 54,99 lei

    Casa de discuri: Ariola – 194398224329 / Sony Music
    Format: CD, Album
    Ediţie: 26 Mar 2021, Europe
    Gen muzical: Pop
    Nr. de discuri: 1

    Vanessa Mai is back. The German pop hit queen will release a brand new album in 2021.

    “Mai Tai” is the singer’s seventh album, the highly anticipated successor to her 2020 album “Forever”, which put Vanessa at number two in the charts in this country.

    With the single “Sommerwind” there was already a promising first foretaste.

    In addition to the standard CD, “Mai Tai” is available as a limited magazine edition. Fans can also look forward to the limited fan box. As soon as we know something about the contents, you will find out here.

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    Vanessa Mai – Mai Tai (CD)

    54,99 lei
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