Beth Hart ‎– Immortal (Vinyl)

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Casa de discuri: Music On Vinyl – 8719262013391
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Ediţie: 2019, Europe
Gen muzical: Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
Nr. de discuri: 1
A1 Run 4:08
A2 Spiders In My Bed 4:44
A3 Isolation 5:17
A4 Hold Me Through The Night 4:08
A5 State Of Mind 2:51
A6 Burn Chile 4:10
B1 Immortal 4:23
B2 Summer Is Gone 4:44
B3 Ringing 3:06
B4 God Bless You 3:10
B5 Am I The One 6:39
B6 Blame The Moon 2:43

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    Casa de discuri: Mascot Records – 0819873011149
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
    Ediţie: 2014, Europe
    Gen muzical: Rock, Blues, Pop, Blues Rock, Piano Blues, Pop Rock
    Nr. de discuri: 1
    A1 My California 4:34
    A2 Life Is Calling 3:51
    A3 Happiness… Any Day Now 4:22
    A4 Love Is The Hardest 3:44
    A5 Bad Love Is Good Enough 4:27
    A6 Drive 3:34
    B1 Sister Heroine 4:29
    B2 Take It Easy On Me 4:14
    B3 Like You (And Everyone Else) 3:36
    B4 Everybody Is Sober 4:17
    B5 Weight Of The World 4:48

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    Beth Hart ‎– My California (Vinyl)

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    Casa de discuri: Provogue – 0819873017653
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Ediţie: 30 Nov 2018, Europe
    Gen muzical: Rock, Blues, Pop, Blues Rock, Vocal
    Nr. de discuri: 3
    A1 – As Long As I Have A Song
    A2 – For My Friends
    A3 – Lifts You Up
    A4 – Close To My Fire
    A5 – Bang Bang Boom Boom
    B1 – Good As It Gets
    B2 – Spirit Of God
    B3 – Baddest Blues
    B4 – Sister Heroine
    C1 – Baby Shot Me Down
    C2 – Waterfalls
    C3 – Your Heart Is As Black As Night
    C4 – Saved
    D1 – The Ugliest House On The Block
    D2 – Spiders In My Bed
    D3 – Take It Easy On Me
    E1 – Leave The Light On
    E2 – Mama This One’s For You
    E3 – My California
    E4 – Trouble
    F1 – Love Is A Lie
    F2 – Picture In A Frame
    F3 – Caught Out In The Rain

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    Beth Hart ‎– Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Vinyl)

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