Hans Zimmer ‎– Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Expanded Edition) (Vinyl)

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Casa de discuri: WaterTower Music – 194397964714 / Sony Music
Format: Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, Etched, All Media, Album
Ediţie: 13 Nov 2020, Europe
Gen muzical: Electronic, Classical, Modern Classical, Ambient, Minimal, Contemporary
Nr. de discuri: 4
A1 Dreaming Of The Crash 3:55
A2 Cornfield Chase 2:06
A3 Dust 5:41
A4 Day One 3:19
A5 Stay 6:52
B6 Message From Home 1:40
B7 The Wormhole 1:30
B8 Mountains 3:39
B9 Afraid Of Time 2:32
B10 A Place Among The Stars 3:27
B11 Running Out 1:57
B12 I’m Going Home 5:48
C13 Coward 8:26
C14 Detach 6:42
C15 S.T.A.Y. 6:23
D16 Where We’re Going 7:41
D17 First Step 1:48
D18 Flying Drone 1:53
D19 Atmospheric Entry 1:39
D20 No Need To Come Back 4:33
E21 Imperfect Lock 6:55
E22 No Time For Caution 4:06
E23 What Happens Now? 2:05
E24 Who’s They? 7:17
F25 Murph 11:21
F26 Organ Variation 4:52
G27 Tick-Tock 8:19
G28 Day One (Original Demo) 3:49
G29 Day One Dark 6:57
G30 John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night 1:37

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