The Seatbelts


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    Casa de discuri: Milan ‎- 194397876819 / Sony Music
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Red Translucent Marble, Purple Translucent Marble, All Media, Limited Edition, Stereo
    Ediţie: 06 Nov 2020, US
    Gen muzical: Jazz
    Nr. de discuri: 2
    A1 – Tank!
    A2 – Rush
    A3 – Spokey Dokey
    A4 – Bad Dog No Biscuits
    A5 – Cat Blues
    B1 – Cosmos
    B2 – Space Lion
    B3 – Waltz For Zizi
    B4 – Piano Black
    B5- Pot City

    C1 – Too Good Too Bad
    C2 – Car 24
    C3 – The Egg And I
    C4 – Felt Tip Pen
    C5 – Rain
    C6 – Digging My Potato
    C7 – Memory
    D1 – What Planet Is This?
    D2 – Diamonds
    D3 – Mushroom Hunting
    D4 – Einstein Groovin’
    D5 – Pearls

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    The Seatbelts ‎– Cowboy Bebop (Original Series Soundtrack) (Vinyl)

    199,99 lei
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  • 199,99 lei

    Casa de discuri: Milan – 19658733531-S1
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Translucent Orange & Red Marble
    Ediţie: 25 Nov 2022
    Gen muzical: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
    Nr. de discuri: 2

    A1 A Day in the Bebop
    A2 Kickin’ Colt
    A3 A Hole to the Universe
    A4 What Planet is This??
    A5 Twilight
    A6 Weekend Ana
    A7 Julia’s Song
    A8 The Adventures of Losers
    B1 Rouge
    B2 Sleuthing Two
    B3 Suit and Tie 1:10
    B4 Funky Stuff 1:28
    B5 Faye’s Sky Fall 1:27
    B6 Time 2:37
    B7 IKA Pod 3:38
    B8 Net Rush 3:26
    B9 Headphone 1:55
    B10 Ein 1:36
    B11 Waltz in High Socks 1:28
    B12 Beans Be 4:18
    C1 TANK! 3:19
    C2 Cat Attack Part 1 1:58
    C3 Dedicated to Sergio 5:50
    C4 Woodcock 2:43
    C5 Rooftop Kung-Fu 1:43
    C6 Milky Cheat
    C7 My Bean at 5
    C8 Blood Brothers
    D1 Sad End Fad
    D2 Muddy Road
    D3 Lord of the Empty
    D4 Sushi Truck
    D5 Into Noir
    D6 The End of Friendship
    D7 The Fate of Three
    D8 Earthland Entrance
    D9 El Rey Bar
    D10 Hello to ya Blues



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    The Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno – Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack From The Netflix Series) (Red/Orange Marbled Vinyl)

    199,99 lei
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