01 Dec 2014


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    Casa de discuri: Columbia – 888750355829 / Sony Music
    Format: CD, Album, DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Copy Protected, All Media
    Ediţie: 01 Dec 2014, Europe
    Gen muzical: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country, Pop Rock
    Nr. de discuri: 3CD + DVD

    Set 01

    CD1-01 Dance Me To The End Of Love 5:58
    CD1-02 The Future 6:46
    CD1-03 Bird On The Wire 7:09
    CD1-04 Everybody Knows 5:35
    CD1-05 Who By Fire 8:45
    CD1-06 The Gypsy’s Wife 6:13
    CD1-07 Darkness 5:52
    CD1-08 Amen 8:03
    CD1-09 Come Healing 3:59
    CD1-10 Lover Lover Lover 6:50
    CD1-11 Anthem 8:10

    Set 02

    CD2-01 Tower Of Song 6:32
    CD2-02 Suzanne 4:26
    CD2-03 Chelsea Hotel #2 3:24
    CD2-04 Waiting For The Miracle 8:01
    CD2-05 The Partisan 5:26
    CD2-06 In My Secret Life 5:05
    CD2-07 Alexandra Leaving 7:57
    CD2-08 I’m Your Man 5:58
    CD2-09 Recitation W/ N.L. 3:21
    CD2-10 Hallelujah 7:25
    CD2-11 Take This Waltz 6:01


    CD3-01 So Long, Marianne 5:34
    CD3-02 Going Home 4:06
    CD3-03 First We Take Manhattan 6:41
    CD3-04 Famous Blue Raincoat 4:34
    CD3-05 If It Be Your Will 4:53
    CD3-06 Closing Time 5:35
    CD3-07 I Tried To Leave You 7:45
    CD3-08 Save The Last Dance For Me 4:13
    DVD-01 Dance Me To The End Of Love
    DVD-02 The Future
    DVD-03 Bird On The Wire
    DVD-04 Everybody Knows
    DVD-05 Who By Fire
    DVD-06 The Gypsy’s Wife
    DVD-07 Darkness
    DVD-08 Amen
    DVD-09 Come Healing
    DVD-10 Lover Lover Lover
    DVD-11 Anthem
    DVD-12 Tower Of Song
    DVD-13 Suzanne
    DVD-14 Chelsea Hotel #2
    DVD-15 Waiting For The Miracle
    DVD-16 The Partisan
    DVD-17 In My Secret Life
    DVD-18 Alexandra Leaving
    DVD-19 I’m Your Man
    DVD-20 Recitation W/ N.L.
    DVD-21 Hallelujah
    DVD-22 Take This Waltz
    DVD-23 So Long, Marianne
    DVD-24 Going Home
    DVD-25 First We Take Manhattan
    DVD-26 Famous Blue Raincoat
    DVD-27 If It Be Your Will
    DVD-28 Closing Time
    DVD-29 I Tried To Leave You
    DVD-30 Save The Last Dance For Me

    Video Bonus Tracks

    DVD-31 Show Me The Place
    DVD-32 Anythow
    DVD-33 Different Sides

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