02 Apr 2021


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    Since its founding in 1946, the Juilliard String Quartet has been one of the most respected and benchmark string quartet formations in the world. Their recording history is correspondingly long. The first album in the current line-up with primaria Areta Zhulla, who has been active since 2018 – alongside Ronald Copes (second violin), Roger Tapping (viola) and Astrid Schween (cello) – features works by three composers: Beethoven, Bartok and Dvorak

    Thus the “new” Juilliards face up to their glorious past. For with cyclical recordings of both the Beethoven quartets and the six Bartok quartets, this formation made recording history in the sixties. The second Rasumowski Quartet op. 59 in E minor, which is one of Beethoven’s most popular string quartets, the groundbreaking Third Quartet by Bela Bartok, which lasts barely 12 minutes, and the F major Quartet op. 96 by Antonin Dvorak, the so-called “American Quartet”, which is one of the most frequently performed quartets of all.

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    Juilliard Quartet – Beethoven, Bartok, Dvorak (CD)

    54,99 lei
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