New Year’s Concert 2021 (CD)

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Casa de discuri: Sony Classical – 194398401621 / Sony Music
Format: CD, Album
Ediţie: 15 Jan 2021, Europe
Gen muzical: Classical
Nr. de discuri: 2

Wiener Philharmoniker, Riccardo Muti

“This is a concert that grows to greatness…Never has a programme built to its own private apotheosis as surely as this, with lofty yet almost unbearably moving accounts of the Emperor Waltz and the Blue Danube itself…Rarely have I heard the melancholy, majesty and many-layered beauties of thesewonderful pieces so movingly revealed. It takes a master conductor to guide an orchestra of the Philharmonic’s pedigree and power to heights of which even it can only occasionally dream; but that is what it is our privilege to experience here.”


Suppe: Fatinitza-Marsch 3:05
Strauss, J, II: Schallwellen, Walzer, Op. 148 11:11
Strauss, J, II: Niko-Polka, Op. 228 3:05
Strauss, Josef: Ohne Sorgen! – polka schnell, Op. 271 1:54
Zeller: Grubenlichter-Walzer 7: 41
Millöcker: In Saus und Braus 2:01
Suppe: Dichter und Bauer Overture 10:42
Karel Komzák, Jr.: Bad’ner Mad’ln, Walzer, Op. 257 8:16
Strauss, Josef: Margherita-Polka, Op. 244 3:19
Strauss, J, I: Venetianer-Galopp, Op. 74 2:03
Strauss, J, II: Frühlingsstimmen Walzer Op. 410 7:39
Strauss, J, II: Im Krapfenwald’l, Polka française, Op. 336 4:12
Strauss, J, II: Neue Melodien-Quadrille, Op. 254 4:14
Strauss, J, II: Kaiser-Walzer, Op. 437 13:04
Strauss, J, II: Stürmisch in Lieb’ und Tanz, Op. 393 2:16
Strauss, J, II: Furioso-Polka quasi Galopp, Op. 260 2:22
Neujahrsgruß / New Year’s Address / Allocution du Nouvel An 3:37
Strauss, J, II: An der schönen, blauen Donau, Op. 314 10:54
Strauss, J, I: Radetzky March, Op. 228 3:13


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