Spooky Tooth ‎– The Island Years (An Anthology) 1967-1974 (Limited Edition) (Box Set) (Vinyl)

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Casa de discuri: Island Records ‎– 602547089380 / Universal Music
Format: Box Set, Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition
Ediţie: 27 Apr 2015, US, Canada & Europe
Gen muzical: Rock, Blues Rock, Prog Rock
Nr. de discuri: 8

Art – Supernatural Fairy Tales (1967)
A1 –Art (2) – I Think I’m Going Weird
A2 –Art (2) – What’s That Sound (For What It’s Worth)
A3 –Art (2) – African Thing
A4 –Art (2) – Room With A View
A5 –Art (2) – Flying Anchors
A6 –Art (2) – Supernatural Fairy Tale
B1 –Art (2) – Love Is Real
B2 –Art (2) – Come On Up
B3 –Art (2) – Brothers, Dads And Mothers
B4 –Art (2) – Talkin’ To Myself
B5 –Art (2) – Alive, Not Dead
B6 –Art (2) – Rome Take Away Three
Spooky Tooth – It’s All About (1968)
C1 –Spooky Tooth – Society’s Child
C2 –Spooky Tooth – Love Really Changed Me
C3 –Spooky Tooth – Here I Lived So Well
C4 –Spooky Tooth – Too Much Of Nothing
C5 –Spooky Tooth – Sunshine Help Me
D1 –Spooky Tooth – It’s All About A Roundabout
D2 –Spooky Tooth – Tobacco Road
D3 –Spooky Tooth – It Hurts You So
D4 –Spooky Tooth – Forget It, I Got It
D5 –Spooky Tooth – Bubbles
Spooky Tooth – Spooky Two (1969)
E1 –Spooky Tooth – Waitin’ For The Wind
E2 –Spooky Tooth – Feelin’ Bad
E3 –Spooky Tooth – I’ve Got Enough Headaches
E4 –Spooky Tooth – Evil Woman
F1 –Spooky Tooth – Lost In My Dream
F2 –Spooky Tooth – That Was Only Yesterday
F3 –Spooky Tooth – Better By You, Better Than Me
F4 –Spooky Tooth – Hangman, Hang My Shell On A Tree
Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Ceremony: An Electronic Mass (1969)
G1 –Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Have Mercy
G2 –Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Jubilation
G3 –Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Confession
H1 –Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Prayer
H2 –Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Offering
H3 –Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry – Hosanna
Spooky Tooth – The Last Puff (1970)
I1 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – I Am The Walrus
I2 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – The Wrong Time
I3 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – Something To Say
J1 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – Nobody There At All
J2 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – Down River
J3 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – Son Of Your Father
J4 –Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison (2) – The Last Puff
Spooky Tooth – You Broke My Heart… So I Busted Your Jaw (1973)
K1 –Spooky Tooth – Cotton Growing Man
K2 –Spooky Tooth – Old As I Was Born
K3 –Spooky Tooth – This Time Around
K4 –Spooky Tooth – Holy Water
L1 –Spooky Tooth – Wild Fire
L2 –Spooky Tooth – Self-Seeking Man
L3 –Spooky Tooth – Times Have Changed
L4 –Spooky Tooth – Moriah
Spooky Tooth – Witness (1973)
M1 –Spooky Tooth – Ocean Of Power
M2 –Spooky Tooth – Wings On My Heart
M3 –Spooky Tooth – As Long As The World Keeps Turning
M4 –Spooky Tooth – Don’t Ever Stray Away
M5 –Spooky Tooth – Things Change
N1 –Spooky Tooth – All Sewn Up
N2 –Spooky Tooth – Dream Me A Mountain
N3 –Spooky Tooth – Sunlight Of My Mind
N4 –Spooky Tooth – Pyramids
Spooky Tooth – The Mirror (1974)
O1 –Spooky Tooth – Fantasy Satisfier
O2 –Spooky Tooth – Two Time Love
O3 –Spooky Tooth – Kyle
O4 –Spooky Tooth – Woman And Gold
O5 –Spooky Tooth – Higher Circles
P1 –Spooky Tooth – Hell Or High Water
P2 –Spooky Tooth – I’m Alive
P3 –Spooky Tooth – The Mirror
P4 –Spooky Tooth – The Hoofer


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